New Jersey Success Stories

HQSI has helped hundreds of providers improve health care quality and reducing costs. Before joining Quality Insights QIN, HQSI served as the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) for New Jersey. Take a look at our NJ Success Stories for insight into how we can help you.

Under HQSI’s leadership, NJ’s Medicare re-hospitalization rate, among the highest in the nation, was reduced by 9.4%, for an estimated $72 million in annualized Medicare savings

  • NJ’s reduction in readmission rates between 2010 and 2012 was the sixth best in the nation. However, NJ still has the sixth highest readmission rate, so continued work is vitally important

NJ’s healthcare providers, historically highly competitive and fragmented, have formed dynamic community coalitions centered on providing high quality care to their shared patient population. The result: improved care, greater patient satisfaction and reduced healthcare costs

  • HQSI’s Care Integration Community Coalitions provide care for 20% of NJ Medicare beneficiaries  across  9 counties (Atlantic, Burlington, Cape May, Cumberland, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth Salem and Union) and involve 100+ healthcare providers, community and government organizations
  • Readmission savings from these communities alone demonstrate the extraordinary value HQSI brings to the Medicare program. Readmission reductions from these communities saved Medicare $13,849,971 in one year while HQSI’s annual cost to CMS for its ENTIRE contract (not just the readmission work) is $6.3 million

NJ’s new dynamic community coalitions – and other groups throughout the state – use HQSI’s sophisticated analytic profiles to target, guide, inform, and measure quality improvement initiatives and improve patient care

  • NJ’s Health Information Technology Program has an HQSI-developed Quality Improvement Dashboard designed to assist the state in assessing the impact of the state’s health information exchange on healthcare quality and healthcare costs
  • New Jersey Health Initiatives of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Grotta Fund for Senior Care, the New Jersey Hospital Association and others work closely with HQSI’s panel of experts on NJ quality improvement initiatives
  • HQSI provides statewide readmission data and analytic support to all NJ hospitals, nursing homes, home care agencies, and other providers
  • As health care reform moves forward, HQSI’s work to reduce readmissions is helping to reduce other health care utilization, such as emergency room visits and hospital admissions and inform emerging Accountable Care Organizations

HQSI offers statewide education through webinars and presentations on a variety of topics, including infection prevention and physician office EHR use to deliver high quality patient care

  • HQSI facilitates and promotes the spread of best practices through its statewide advisory committees and Learning and Action Networks
  • In 2012, HQSI experts were asked to speak at 33 stakeholder events and presented 27 webinars which attracted 2,365 individuals from 635 organizations